Our vision

The Vision of African Rivers is that we seek for an: “African continent where the health of rivers is protected and local river communities are resilient and well informed about issues related to rivers, climate change, eco-friendly investment and environmental protection.” The Vision Statement will serve as a fundamental guiding framework in fostering stakeholders engagement and building viable but sustainable and dependable partnerships for keeping rivers healthy and conserving the welfare of people and nature.


We envisage a continent where water and energy needs are met without degrading nature or increasing poverty, and where people have the right to participate in decisions that affect their livelihoods at all levels.

Our Mission

ln line with the Vision statement, the Mission Statement for African Rivers is: “To protect African rivers and nature while defending the rights of communities that depend on them.” Through this Mission Statement, African Rivers will effectively contribute towards the growth of the concerned economies promoting climate-friendly investment, creating green job opportunities and building viable partnerships for sustainable development and thereby contributing to poverty reduction processes and safeguarding welfare of wildlife.

Our Values

African Rivers’ culture of operation and engagement is anchored on excellence in the delivery of our interventions towards climate resilience actions, environmental protection, building climate resilience and socio-economic transformation for a better shared future for all. To attain our vision and fulfil our mission, African Rivers commits to uphold the following core values as our operational guiding principles: Teamwork, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Humanitarian Actions, Transparency, and Accountability.


These values form the basis upon which we act as an Organisation and ensure we remain relevant and an active player in global discourse. Through this Value statement, African Rivers will strive to ensure that the Organization’s character and culture is preserved and behavior of management and staff is that of team work and team spirit.